Underwater Services

Underwater Services

Underwater services cover, among other services, salvaging activities, rock removal, wire cutting and concrete cutting. This article gives elaborate information on the mentioned underwater services.


Salvaging encompasses a wide range of activities including, repairing ships, raising sunken cargo and ships, refloating sunken and groundwater vessels, patching and moving spoilt vessels to clear navigation paths. Equally, salvaging entails the protection of the marine environment from various pollution done by water vessels. Salvaging also includes the recovery of human remains in case of accidents and finding out fundamental tools needed to determine the cause of mishaps.

Rock Removal

Rock removal is done to improve and expand harbors, canals, lakes and rivers. The removal of underwater rocks is done either by using explosives or without explosives. There are dangers associated with rock removal by the deployment of explosives, such as dangers of blasting and expenditures. As such non-explosive methods such as dredging are used to increase productivity and lower the cost of services. Rock removal aids in the reduction of accidents in the seas and oceans.

Wire Cutting

Underwater wire cutting entails the removal of subsea structures. The method also involves slicing metal tanks on the surface and cleaving conductor pipes undersea. Wire cutting is done carefully by employing pre-engineering techniques to enhance efficiency and avoid water pollution. A cutting wire for ship salvaging is usually thick and big enough with segments of abrasive material such as synthetic diamond. The cutting wire is passed under the shipwreck once all of its fuel is emptied. Wire cutting takes some adequate time to ensure the condition of the ship has been taken into account.

Concrete Cutting

The Hydro-demolition technique does concrete cutting. It is worth noting that over some time, concrete deteriorates and calls for re-application. However, concrete must first be cut. There are various techniques to select from when concrete cutting including, quick fixes, demolition and Hydro-demolition. Hydro-demolition is the most efficient way to cut concrete, and in this case, the Aqua cutter tool is used. The tool is designed to decide how deep and to what extent the concrete should be cut.

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